Organising your TeachMeet

Start organising the event as early as you can.  TeachMeets can be arranged in a very short period of time but it is good to have time in hand especially if it is your first one.  You will see that a number of the following need to happen in parallel.

  1. Decide what the aim and focus of the TeachMeet is.  Is it general across all age ranges and sectors of education and/or is it subject specific, or ..?
  2. Decide if you are going to organise the event on your own or with one or two others.  One or two others could be both supportive and spread the workload
  3. Organise the venue – consider anticipated numbers and facilitates needed; a hall and a separate venue for e.g. refreshments?  Are you going to have any break-out sessions requiring additional rooms and resources or not?  A school, university or another institution may be willing to provide the venue for free.  If you do have to pay for a venue find a sponsor to cover the cost.  Cross reference with 8. below re. logistics
  4. Ideally, invite along one or more key speakers to help draw in participants.  Decide before inviting them if you are able to cover their travel costs and/or offer overnight accommodation if they are travelling a significant distance
  5. Register the event via the TeachMeet Wiki where you will also find helpful advice. View what others have posted for their event to get a feel for the information people need and might find helpful
  6. Consider if you wish to set up a specific blog site and/or Twitter feed to promote the event and cover related information, or will you promote the event via current personal Twitter accounts and/or blogs?
  7. Promote your TeachMeet regularly and often!  Use all avenues available:
  • Emails to local networks of schools, subject specialists etc
  • Contact the LEA and see how they can assist, e.g. posting it on the news section of their Grid for Learning and emailing out to schools via their ‘post bag’.  If the TeachMeet is subject specific promote via relevant subject groups and associations
  • Tweet regularly.  Consider optimum times to tweet and link hashtags that will help you reach your target audience. Respect ‘chat forums’ and similar and do not post into the middle of an organised session unless there is a clear and direct link e.g. the focus of the session is CPD
  • Contact local newspapers and radio stations and share about your event and the aim or National TeachMeet Day. ‘We are seeking to achieve strong coverage across the UK to promote TMs and their value to all in education, and to share good ideas and best practice.’

8. Organise sponsorship, a few companies that are happy to support with e.g. raffle prizes and/or funding refreshments

9. Consider the logistics for the event, i.e.:

  • technical support – computer and screen/s, guest WiFi, sound and microphones if needed.  Are you going to post presentations afterwards and/or film and post via YouTube or have a live feed?
  • seating – rows or people grouped around tables

10. Organise the refreshments; they are a fundamental part of TeachMeets.  People have travelled, given up their own time and maybe missing their evening meal to be there.  Everyone appreciates refreshments and the chance to network

11. Networking opportunities are vital.  The talks will inspire people and people will be keen to unpack their thinking in relation to what has been shared.  A break to chat with others, to network and enjoy refreshments is vital.  Some TeachMeets end with an organised meal/‘EatMeet’ at a local pub or restaurant so that discussions can continue

12. Have one person to open the event and the same person or another person to link between speakers and to keep people to time

13. Consider if you wish to have a random/‘fruit machine’ style running order of speakers, or a set order arranged beforehand

14. After the TeachMeet

  • blog and share presentations and or links to films etc
  • write and thank sponsors.  Share how the event went and how their support contributed to its success.  You or others may value their support for a future event/s and it is important they receive thanks and feedback
  • consider when you wish to hold your next TeachMeet!

Finally, since the start of TeachMeets they have morphed into a number of forms, whilst still using the same term.  Teachmeets can be very informal in style through to events that border on a more recognisable conference format.  The key thing is to frame and shape your TeachMeet in the style that is right for you, your aims and your chosen audience.  If you would like to reflect on this further you may find the following article by Mark Anderson @ICTEvangelist of interest …

Gill Bradnam @PrepSchHead


TeachMeets (TM) happen throughout the year

TeachMeets happen throughout the year.  They are inspiring and motivating events where good ideas and new initiatives in teaching and learning, education and technology are shared.  TeachMeets also facilitate invaluable networking opportunities with other like-minded professionals. TeachMeets are free to attend, making them accessible to all and excellent CPD!

TeachMeetUK is a central hub for National TeachMeet Day #TMUK to promote and celebrate TMs.  We hope that many people will join in and attend  a TM near them on 6 February and contribute to the TeachMeetUK blog and tweet using the hashtag #TMUK on the day too.

To view TeachMeets venues throughout the year click the link

Be part of National TeachMeet Day, 6 February 2014

National TeachMeet (TM) Day 2014  is going to be a very special day!  We invite all involved in teaching and learning, in all sectors of education, to join us and be part of #TMUK in one or more of the following ways:

1. Sign up and attend a TM on 6 February.  You could go to listen and/or present. Click the link and scroll down to 6 February  Venues near you can also be viewed via TMUK map for Thursday 6 February 2014

2. Host a TM on 6 February.  Enter the details via and tweet @TeachMeetUK so that we can add you to map for events on the day.

3. Promote TeachMeet National Day by 1) sharing tweets and links to articles with others 2) emailing colleagues about the day and venues 3) posting information on your staff room notice board and 4) asking for #TMUK to be mentioned at the start of term staff meeting.

4. Contribute a post and or comments on the day – links to articles and/or the best TM videos etc.  More details to follow.

5. Show your support by following us on Twitter and our blog.

6. Make the press aware of  National TeachMeet Day #TMUK – we are seeking to achieve strong coverage across the UK to promote TMs and their value to all in education, and to share good ideas and best practice.

6.  If you are an organisation or company you could offer to sponsor the event nationally or 1 or more TMs.

#TMUK events across the UK on Thursday 6 February

View the map via the link TMUK map for Thursday 6 February 2014  We are continuing to add venues to the map, so if you have advised us of your venue and it is not on the map yet it will appear shortly.

If you are hosting an event on 6 February please add the details of your TeachMeet to , the offical TeachMeet Wiki and also contact us @TeachMeetUK so that we can add you to the TMUK map, thank you.  You are also welcome to add details in the comments  section of this post.


Thursday 6 February has been launched as National TeachMeet (TM) Day 2014!

Thursday 6 February has been launched as National TeachMeet (TM) Day 2014!

The aim is to host as many TMs as possible on that day across the UK.  The hashtag to use is #TMUK.

In addition, on the day, the TeachMeetUK blog will post people’s comments, link articles, as well as links to favourite videos from previously TMs and TMs videos from the day.

We are seeking to achieve strong coverage across the UK to promote TMs and their value to all in education, and to share good ideas and best practice.

Please comment and/or re-tweet the link to this post to help publicise this initiative.

Many supported the launch of #TMUK including: @mrlockyer @PrepSchHead @ICTmagic @MrsPTeach @SwayGrantham @ICTEvangelist @paulyb37

With special thanks to Martin Burrett @ICTmagic for the fabulous logo!

And now it is over to you, to join in and to make this an amazing day!