Be part of National TeachMeet Day, 6 February 2014

National TeachMeet (TM) Day 2014  is going to be a very special day!  We invite all involved in teaching and learning, in all sectors of education, to join us and be part of #TMUK in one or more of the following ways:

1. Sign up and attend a TM on 6 February.  You could go to listen and/or present. Click the link and scroll down to 6 February  Venues near you can also be viewed via TMUK map for Thursday 6 February 2014

2. Host a TM on 6 February.  Enter the details via and tweet @TeachMeetUK so that we can add you to map for events on the day.

3. Promote TeachMeet National Day by 1) sharing tweets and links to articles with others 2) emailing colleagues about the day and venues 3) posting information on your staff room notice board and 4) asking for #TMUK to be mentioned at the start of term staff meeting.

4. Contribute a post and or comments on the day – links to articles and/or the best TM videos etc.  More details to follow.

5. Show your support by following us on Twitter and our blog.

6. Make the press aware of  National TeachMeet Day #TMUK – we are seeking to achieve strong coverage across the UK to promote TMs and their value to all in education, and to share good ideas and best practice.

6.  If you are an organisation or company you could offer to sponsor the event nationally or 1 or more TMs.


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