Are all TeachMeets organised by the same group of people?

TeachMeets are unconferences and therefore one can pop up anywhere in the world, and be organised by anyone or a group of people, as and when anyone in education is inspired to set one up.

The WordPress blog, TeachMeetUK, and the Twitter account @TeachMeetUK are for National TeachMeet Day 6 February 2014 #TMUK – 18 events across the UK on that day and 3 other events where the organisers have specifically expressed support, with events on other days.  By viewing earlier posts on our blog and by viewing our profile ‘About TeachMeetUK’ you can read further information.  @TeachMeet UK is not a central Twitter account for all TeachMeets.

#TMBett held on 24 January for example and #TMUK on 6 February are separate events, with different organisers. However, given that the aim of National TeachMeet Day 6 February #TMUK is to promote TeachMeets, their value for all in education and to encourage more people to join in teachmeets, we are obviously very supportive of all TeachMeets and whenever possible if people put #TMUK in their tweet or ask @TeachMeetUK to retweet their event we do so.  Similarly if people ask if there is a TeachMeet in their area, if we are not aware of one near them on 6 February, we recommend them to view the TeachMeet Wiki where anyone can register their TeachMeet and links for tickets etc – this Wiki is not organised by @TeachMeetUK/#TMUK.

As National TeachMeet Day 6 February 2014 approaches there is still time to sign up to attend one of the events.  Please see the list of venues  and/or our map for links to further information and to book tickets.  Currently approximately 1000 people have registered to attend an event.

Stephen Lockyer @mrlockyer, Gill Bradnam @PrepSchHead, Martin Burrett @ICTmagic and Jo Payne @MrsPTeach


TeachMeets on other days that support National TeachMeet Day #TMUK

This section has been added at the request of a number of organisers of TeachMeet events  on days other than 6 February, who wished to share their support for National TeachMeet Day #TMUK

Glasgow 1 February #TMGlasgowEAL

G41 3TR …   @EALGlasgow

Solihull 5 February #TMSolihull B93 0PT   @lizsaddler @SarahLewsey_

Romford 11 February #TMHavering

RM1 4YY @TeachMeetHavering

Why TeachMeet?

After promoting a local TeachMeet in a teachers’ meeting, I overheard a thought-provoking comment in the staff room the next day. Whilst gazing at the TeachMeet poster I had put up, a teacher who was absent in the previous day’s meeting pondered, “Why would anyone want to do that – actually choose to spend some of their own time meeting with teachers?” So…Why TeachMeets? What are they and why do busy, practising teachers put so much time and energy into running these independent events?

Despite going to many TeachMeets in my 2 years of teaching, it’s something that I’d never even considered.  I guess the main reason for this is that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every TeachMeet I’ve ever been to – it’s never felt like a burden.  I’ve come away from each one with a tonne of ideas to use in my classroom, new friends who are in the profession and a full belly from a very decent pub meal. Nevertheless I understand that, to those less familiar with them, TeachMeets seem like a less-than-appealing pastime – I’m on a mission to persuade teachers that this isn’t the case at all!

TeachMeets are founded on ideas.  Teachers sharing their great ideas with other teachers.  Sometimes this can be jazzed up with sponsorship, prizes, keynotes and fancy food (cupcakes at TeachMeet Sussex!) but in principle, the sharing of ideas is universal. However, as an organiser of a TeachMeet in a new area, the most difficult job has been getting local people to share their ideas.  These mini presentations throughout the evening are the heart of the TeachMeet yet seemingly great practitioners, who have signed up for a teaching event in their own time, are shying away from telling people about what they do well.  Again and again I reiterate to people, via Twitter, the website and word of mouth, how simple this should be. The best presentations consist of people spending a few minutes telling other teachers about one simple idea, resource or strategy that has been effective in their classroom.  They rarely need a PowerPoint, A/V equipment or even a pre-prepared speech!

Having been gently bullied into presenting at the first TeachMeet I went to, I’ve made it a general rule-of-thumb that I will present at any TeachMeet I attend.  This isn’t because I like blowing my own trumpet or because I have exceptional ideas – TeachMeets don’t exist for either of those reasons.  My understanding is that everybody has something to give – so why not give a snippet of what I do in my classroom?  I benefit so much from what other people have to share and my aim, by presenting an idea, is that someone will go away inspired to try something new based on what I’ve said.  Teachers are professional people who can make educated decisions about whether a certain idea is worth trying in their classroom so the the ball is in their court as to what they get out of the event.

Sadly, there will always be a small amount of teachers who will shun this grass roots CPD.  However, for the rest of us, TeachMeets can be that link between work and life – an enjoyable, social event with great food and drink which can inspire and challenge us, reigniting that passion for teaching which prompted us to start out. The added bonus is that you can have a good time without feeling guilty about being “out on a school night”!

Jo Payne organises TeachMeet Sussex


Press release for National TeachMeet Day 6 February 2014 #TMUK

National TeachMeet Day 2014 is being held on Thursday 6 February.  It is a national celebration of TeachMeets – events that happen throughout the year, where teachers share good practice, practical innovations and personal insights in teaching and technology to support high quality learning in schools and other educational settings.

TeachMeets evolved from a “ScotEduBlogs Meetup” in Edinburgh in the summer of 2006, when the new name TeachMeet was created by Ewan McIntosh; the first event using this name was held in Glasgow on 20 September 2006. Over the last 7 years the number of events has continued to grow.

The national day was the idea of Stephen Lockyer, “I noticed that there were a number of TeachMeets planned for 6 February and it seemed a great opportunity to extend it to become a national day.  The response from teachers has been fantastic! We are aiming for a string of TeachMeets right across the UK. There are approximately 15 venues currently and this may increase!”

TeachMeetUk was set up as a central hub to share information regarding National TeachMeet Day.  True to the heart of TeachMeets, this is run by teachers and is non-profit making.

“In addition to the TeachMeet events across the UK teachers will be able to share links to related articles, resources and videos via the website on 6 February .“ ICT Technical Lead and logo designer Martin Burrett.

“I was really inspired at the first TeachMeet I attended. I came away with practical and creative ideas to use in the classroom and to share with colleagues.  It is arguably the best form of professional development available for all in education –  excellent input, the opportunity to network, refreshments are provided,  it is open to all and it is free!” Central Organiser Gill Bradnam.

The TeachMeetUK Team’s aim is that more people will become aware of TeachMeets and join in the National Day and future events . At a time when some question the level of professionalism of teachers,TeachMeets are one of the many examples of educational initiatives that demonstrate the commitment, passion, energy and professionalism of teachers throughout the UK.

Further details of TeachMeetUK via website and Twitter @TeachMeetUK #TMUK

With thanks to our national sponsors Twinkl Ltd, Crown House Publishing Ltd, One Day Creative Education, Yes Programme, plus those supporting 1 or more individual venues

Sponsors for National TeachMeet Day 6 February 2014

Thank you to:


We are passionate about providing the largest and loveliest collection of primary teaching resources in the world.

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Award winning Crown House Publishing, IPA 13 Education Publisher of the Year , provides one of the most extensive ranges of educational resources for professional development which includes the highly successful imprint Independent Thinking Press. We publish books for teachers and school leaders who wish to develop their skills and improve the life changes of young people.


One Day is a fresh and forward-thinking Creative Education Company, connecting children and learning with creativity and imagination. We cover a wide range of topics and issues such as E-Safety, the Environment & Healthy Living, through our various One Day Drama, Dance and Music programmes.

Yes Programme

A contextual-learning resource comprising 90 short aspirational films that link exact Primary KS2 core curriculum topics to the real world. For example, it’s English and the topic is “Using Short sentences for effect” – you can use a short film of an advertising executive, talking about his job and exactly how he uses that skill in his job.

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Musicals, Nativities and songs for Primary schools. Lively, witty & entertaining productions for any time of the year!

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Zondle is a web and mobile platform that empowers teachers to engage students and enhance learning.
Zondle began with a unique research-based approach – enabling teachers to create and share games to meet the specific learning needs of individual students.

We appreciate your generous support!

If your company or organisation would like to be part of National TeachMeet Day by supporting all the TeachMeets on 6 February please contact us @TeachMeetUK  We look forward to hearing from you.

Alternatively, it you would like to support a specific TeachMeet please contact the organiser/s direct, thank you. Details via

**For the attention of organisers of individual TeachMeets on 6 February 2014, the final deadline, Monday 13 January 2014, to contact us @TeachMeetUK regarding your TeachMeet and to be part of #TMUK 2014 has now passed.  You could still hold a TeachMeet on 6 February but we are now unable to link you in with the national sponsorship.  Our sponsors are specifically sponsoring TeachMeet events on 6 February who have confirmed they wish to be part of National TeachMeet Day 2014.  Unfortunately we cannot extend the sponsorship to events on other days or to TeachMeets on 6 February who have not already contacted us, i.e. prior to 13 January 2014 @TeachMeetUK **

Update of TeachMeets on 6 February with links to sign up and contacts via Twitter


Bexley #TMBexley DA14 6LW …@Andrew_cowley23

Blackpool #tmbpool FY4 4RR …

@enomilie @tomsale

Bristol #TMBristol BS4 3EH …  @ICTEvangelist @TM_Bristol

Cambridge #TMCambridge CB4 3NY  up  @teachesliteracy , and @kjhutchinson

Dinnington, Rotherham #TMDinninton- S25 GB  @barriem

Hampshire -#tmhants PO9 4RY  @ianaddison

Hertfordshire – AL4 8DJ #tmherts AL4 8DJ …  @PrepSchHead

Isle of Man #tmiom St Ninian’s Lower School, Douglas IM2 3EH link for sign up to follow @Mattyhilda @lancslassrach

Midlands – #TMMidlands NG8 1DH @PeteBevington @MarcWithersey

Norfolk 1  #tmase PE30 4AW

Norfolk 2 -West Norfolk – #WNTM PE30 4AY @TeachMeetWN @ms_jamdangory @paulshanks1974

Northumberland – Creative Arts TeachMeet #clvartstm NE23 6BN … @zobobs13, @CLV_Drama, @nicolaenglish @CLV_ART

Peterborough –  #TMPboro  PE7 8BF @NQTMeetPboro

Sheffield – #TMSheffield S5 8UL … @Mobo40 and @shaunh0pper

Southampton 1 – #TMSoton SO15 7NU @rlj1981

Southampton 2 – #tmwave2  SO30 4EJ …   @missmclachlan @RibbK

Sussex – #TMSussex RH13 9JH   @MrsPTeach

Wiltshire – #tmwilts BA13 3QH … @MrsThorne

**Final deadline Monday 13 January 7pm for events on 6 February to contact us @TeachMeetUK and be part of #TMUK 2014.  You could still go live after this date but we would be unable to link you in with the national sponsorship.  Our 3 sponsors are specifically sponsoring TeachMeet events on 6 February who have confirmed they wish to be part of National TeachMeet Day 2014.  Unfortunately we cannot extend the sponsorship to events on other days or to TeachMeets on 6 February who  do not contact us @TeachMeetUK by 7pm on Monday 13 January**