Sponsors for National TeachMeet Day 6 February 2014

Thank you to:


We are passionate about providing the largest and loveliest collection of primary teaching resources in the world.      www.twinkl.co.uk

Learning Centre Logo (2)

Award winning Crown House Publishing, IPA 13 Education Publisher of the Year , provides one of the most extensive ranges of educational resources for professional development which includes the highly successful imprint Independent Thinking Press. We publish books for teachers and school leaders who wish to develop their skills and improve the life changes of young people.  www.crownhouse.co.uk


One Day is a fresh and forward-thinking Creative Education Company, connecting children and learning with creativity and imagination. We cover a wide range of topics and issues such as E-Safety, the Environment & Healthy Living, through our various One Day Drama, Dance and Music programmes.

Yes Programme

A contextual-learning resource comprising 90 short aspirational films that link exact Primary KS2 core curriculum topics to the real world. For example, it’s English and the topic is “Using Short sentences for effect” – you can use a short film of an advertising executive, talking about his job and exactly how he uses that skill in his job.  www.yesprogramme.co.uk     www.demo.yesprogramme.co.uk

Edgy Logo blue 2 (2)

Musicals, Nativities and songs for Primary schools. Lively, witty & entertaining productions for any time of the year! www.edgyproductions.com

logo (2)

Zondle is a web and mobile platform that empowers teachers to engage students and enhance learning.
Zondle began with a unique research-based approach – enabling teachers to create and share games to meet the specific learning needs of individual students. www.zondle.com

We appreciate your generous support!

If your company or organisation would like to be part of National TeachMeet Day by supporting all the TeachMeets on 6 February please contact us @TeachMeetUK  We look forward to hearing from you.

Alternatively, it you would like to support a specific TeachMeet please contact the organiser/s direct, thank you. Details via wp.me/p4b8Ht-Y

**For the attention of organisers of individual TeachMeets on 6 February 2014, the final deadline, Monday 13 January 2014, to contact us @TeachMeetUK regarding your TeachMeet and to be part of #TMUK 2014 has now passed.  You could still hold a TeachMeet on 6 February but we are now unable to link you in with the national sponsorship.  Our sponsors are specifically sponsoring TeachMeet events on 6 February who have confirmed they wish to be part of National TeachMeet Day 2014.  Unfortunately we cannot extend the sponsorship to events on other days or to TeachMeets on 6 February who have not already contacted us, i.e. prior to 13 January 2014 @TeachMeetUK **


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