Press release for National TeachMeet Day 6 February 2014 #TMUK

National TeachMeet Day 2014 is being held on Thursday 6 February.  It is a national celebration of TeachMeets – events that happen throughout the year, where teachers share good practice, practical innovations and personal insights in teaching and technology to support high quality learning in schools and other educational settings.

TeachMeets evolved from a “ScotEduBlogs Meetup” in Edinburgh in the summer of 2006, when the new name TeachMeet was created by Ewan McIntosh; the first event using this name was held in Glasgow on 20 September 2006. Over the last 7 years the number of events has continued to grow.

The national day was the idea of Stephen Lockyer, “I noticed that there were a number of TeachMeets planned for 6 February and it seemed a great opportunity to extend it to become a national day.  The response from teachers has been fantastic! We are aiming for a string of TeachMeets right across the UK. There are approximately 15 venues currently and this may increase!”

TeachMeetUk was set up as a central hub to share information regarding National TeachMeet Day.  True to the heart of TeachMeets, this is run by teachers and is non-profit making.

“In addition to the TeachMeet events across the UK teachers will be able to share links to related articles, resources and videos via the website on 6 February .“ ICT Technical Lead and logo designer Martin Burrett.

“I was really inspired at the first TeachMeet I attended. I came away with practical and creative ideas to use in the classroom and to share with colleagues.  It is arguably the best form of professional development available for all in education –  excellent input, the opportunity to network, refreshments are provided,  it is open to all and it is free!” Central Organiser Gill Bradnam.

The TeachMeetUK Team’s aim is that more people will become aware of TeachMeets and join in the National Day and future events . At a time when some question the level of professionalism of teachers,TeachMeets are one of the many examples of educational initiatives that demonstrate the commitment, passion, energy and professionalism of teachers throughout the UK.

Further details of TeachMeetUK via website and Twitter @TeachMeetUK #TMUK

With thanks to our national sponsors Twinkl Ltd, Crown House Publishing Ltd, One Day Creative Education, Yes Programme, plus those supporting 1 or more individual venues


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