Are all TeachMeets organised by the same group of people?

TeachMeets are unconferences and therefore one can pop up anywhere in the world, and be organised by anyone or a group of people, as and when anyone in education is inspired to set one up.

The WordPress blog, TeachMeetUK, and the Twitter account @TeachMeetUK are for National TeachMeet Day 6 February 2014 #TMUK – 18 events across the UK on that day and 3 other events where the organisers have specifically expressed support, with events on other days.  By viewing earlier posts on our blog and by viewing our profile ‘About TeachMeetUK’ you can read further information.  @TeachMeet UK is not a central Twitter account for all TeachMeets.

#TMBett held on 24 January for example and #TMUK on 6 February are separate events, with different organisers. However, given that the aim of National TeachMeet Day 6 February #TMUK is to promote TeachMeets, their value for all in education and to encourage more people to join in teachmeets, we are obviously very supportive of all TeachMeets and whenever possible if people put #TMUK in their tweet or ask @TeachMeetUK to retweet their event we do so.  Similarly if people ask if there is a TeachMeet in their area, if we are not aware of one near them on 6 February, we recommend them to view the TeachMeet Wiki where anyone can register their TeachMeet and links for tickets etc – this Wiki is not organised by @TeachMeetUK/#TMUK.

As National TeachMeet Day 6 February 2014 approaches there is still time to sign up to attend one of the events.  Please see the list of venues  and/or our map for links to further information and to book tickets.  Currently approximately 1000 people have registered to attend an event.

Stephen Lockyer @mrlockyer, Gill Bradnam @PrepSchHead, Martin Burrett @ICTmagic and Jo Payne @MrsPTeach


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