About TeachMeetUK

TeachMeetUK is a group of teachers promoting National TeachMeet Day February 6 2014 #TMUK.

The day is a national celebration of TeachMeets and their value for all in education, through the sharing of ideas and best practice; grassroots CPD for teachers by teachers. On the day there will be a number of TeachMeets across the UK and the blog will post teachers’ links to articles and films relating to TeachMeets.

The idea for the national day was suggested by Stephen Lockyer @mrlockyer.  Many supported the launch of #TMUK incuding: @mrlockyer @PrepSchHead @ICTmagic @MrsPTeach @SwayGrantham @ICTEvangelist and @paulyb37

The TeachMeetUK logo was designed by Martin Burrett @ICTmagic, who also set up our #TMUK location map, many thanks Martin! The TeachMeetUK blog is currently being hosted by @PrepSchHead.

The TeachMeetUK team is growing as more teachers organise TeachMeets for 6 February and/or teachers support the day via our Twitter feed @TeachMeetUK or this blog.  We hope you will join us and be part of National TeachMeet Day 2014 #TMUK!


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