Thursday 6 February has been launched as National TeachMeet (TM) Day 2014!

Thursday 6 February has been launched as National TeachMeet (TM) Day 2014!

The aim is to host as many TMs as possible on that day across the UK.  The hashtag to use is #TMUK.

In addition, on the day, the TeachMeetUK blog will post people’s comments, link articles, as well as links to favourite videos from previously TMs and TMs videos from the day.

We are seeking to achieve strong coverage across the UK to promote TMs and their value to all in education, and to share good ideas and best practice.

Please comment and/or re-tweet the link to this post to help publicise this initiative.

Many supported the launch of #TMUK including: @mrlockyer @PrepSchHead @ICTmagic @MrsPTeach @SwayGrantham @ICTEvangelist @paulyb37

With special thanks to Martin Burrett @ICTmagic for the fabulous logo!

And now it is over to you, to join in and to make this an amazing day!